OTAK Joshua Tree National Park Visit & Tips

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OTAK Joshua Tree National Park Visit & Tips

In May of 2021, we started our 14 month journey to see all of the US National parks in the lower 48 states. Joshua Tree National Park in southern California was our first stop! 

joshua tree

2.8 million people flock to Joshua Tree National park every year! Visitors come to the 794k acre park to experience both the Mojave and Sonoran desert, hike, bike, rock climb and of course see the iconic flora: The Joshua Tree. The way these unique shaped trees got their name is a mystery. However, legend has it that when mormon immigrants were migrating, they believed these trees to be the biblical figure, Joshua, guiding them west with their open branches. 


Aside from the beautiful desert views of the Joshua Trees and cousin plant, the Cholla cactus, the park has been come to know an American Mecca for rock climbing. There are plenty of rock walls and formations where visitors are able and allowed to climb year-round. On that note, this is the desert and weather can be harsh year-round. So make sure to bring water when visiting! There are no water fountains or water sold in the park itself. 

Cholla Cactus Garden

Joshua Tree is a beautiful place to visit and you can access it three ways: from the west Yucca Valley, from the north 29 Palms and from the south Cottonwood Springs. 

Stay hydrated, enjoy the nature and leave it as you found it!