Zion National Parks: Where Angels Land

Zion National Parks: Where Angels Land

Welcome to Utah's Most visited National Park: Zion! Mormon pioneers settles in teh area in the late 1800's and named the canyon in the park "Zion," which is ancient Hebrew for sanctuary. This park is approximately 229 square miles and is filled with the beautiful red rock of Utah. The red rock canyon is continually forming as it's made of strata rock that is still eroding and causing rock falls. 

Zion Canyon

The falling rock and the virgin river that flows through the park contribute to the constant down cutting of and deepening of the canyon. This river flows through one of the most popular hikes in America: The Narrows. This hike is a 14.4 mile stretch in between the narrowest section of the canyon. The narrows includes walking in the virgin river and between rock walls. You'll also stumble across a waterfall or two. 

A Section of The Narrows

Another famous (or infamous) hike in the park is ANGEL'S LANDING (hence the title of this blog). Some call it infamous as it's in the top 5 dangerous hikes in America as 13 people have died due to falling off the edge. The hike consists of steep switchbacks and narrow paths with constant cliff edges and metal cables to hold on to. 

Angel's Landing Peak

Zion is also home to North America's largest bird: The California Condor. Also pretty interesting is the parks interesting geological patterns on the strata rock, such as "checkerboard mesa," that looks like a literal checkerboard.